Family and Community Development

The Family and Community Development Program (FCD) assists vulnerable children in the community at risk of losing parental care. SOS CVE target groups comprise of families who are unable to support their children as a result of various challenges including chronic illness, extreme poverty and disability. Due to the inability of care givers to provide a safety net, the children in this target group are often at high risk of neglect, abuse and experience other challenges.

The family strengthening program focuses on building the resilience of families and communities to care for and protect their children. FCD is implemented both urban and rural areas in all program locations.

Access to direct essential services

The target children under the programme are provided access to basic essential services for their healthy survival and development. FCD addresses the education, health and psychosocial needs of the children and families through delivery of direct essential services. These include provision of educational materials and follow-up, psychosocial and legal supports.

We provide scholastic, financial and material supports to children and youth at different schools and training centres. We enhance capacities of teachers and government schools so that the children and youth can get proper education. We distribute food parcels to chronically ill, and child headed families. We also renovate dilapidated houses of right holders with the objective of improving the living conditions of children and their family members. Furthermore, we provide psycho-social support to target groups to help them explore and find better solution to their lives.

On the other hand, we facilitate the delivery of essential services for children through SOS Day-Care Centres. Children (from age 2-5) stay in the SOS day care centres while their caregivers are away to generate family income. The children get nutritional, educational, medical, and recreational services in the centre. Currently, we have day-care centres in all programme locations except in Gode.

Strengthening capacity of target families

Vulnerable families are supported to build their capacity in terms of material, social and economic self-sufficiency to better care for their children. These families are supported to have entrepreneurial skills and engaged in sustainable livelihood development activities. This might include support to families to develop and diversify their livelihoods, find employment and start income generating activities to make sustainable family income. The programme unit help families to equip with skills that help them to generate income, increase saving habits, reduce unnecessary costs and effectively manage their resources.

We give trainings to families on parental skills and child care in all programme locations. We use different means including coffee ceremonies to facilitate discussion with families on different topics such as on prevention of harmful traditional practices, hygiene and sanitation, creating child friendly environment, family planning, among others.

We also work towards ensuring the social and economic self-reliance of families with the objective of enabling them to secure a sustainable financial income through business and vocational skill trainings, income generation schemes and pro-poor micro finance institutions.

Caregivers have been participating in various skill training, like hair dressing, food preparation, basic tailoring and pattern, and embroidery. Strengthening pro-poor saving and credit association was found to be the best strategy to ensure the sustainability of the programme.

Community capacity building

Family and Community Development Progam is designed in such a way that the programmes are sustainable and deep-rooted in the community. To realize this, FCD program has given much emphasis to build the capacity of the community through partner Community Based Organizations and saving and Credit Cooperative. We have been closely working with locally established, legally registered, community based organizations. This ensures the sustainability of results in a defined and structured way.

The partner community based organizations have been supported to develop their capacity in terms of administrative, financial and organizational development vis-à-vis the provision of grant, facilitation of experience sharing visits, auditing of financial transactions, facilitation of different capacity building trainings, fulfillment of necessary materials/furniture, and recruitment of professionals. As a result, the Community Based Organizations have started raising funds and mobilizing resources from the local community to help vulnerable children.