Emergency Response Program

Though SOS Children's Villages has been working to provide long-term support to children, we do respond to crises by providing relief through our existing facilities and programmes.

In 2011 for instance, SOS Children's Villages Ethiopia responded to drought that hit some parts of Somali Regional State. We provided relief food to people in Gode area who lost their livestock due to the drought as well as to some refugees from Somalia, who settled in Morudile, the border area of Ethiopia and Somalia. We distributed rice and edible oil to more than 2200 households in Gode area in two different rounds. We also gave similar items to 600 refugees and 400 hosting families in border area. Furthermore, we rendered water treatment chemicals to each of the household in rural villages. We also distributed donkey carts to selected households.

Since 2016 in response to the 2015/16 El Nino and 2016/17 La Nina driven great drought in Ethiopia, SOS CVE has been implementing an emergency response and recovery project in Oromia and Somali regions.

Oromia Region

The project in Oromia region is a comprehensive emergency response and recovery project aiming to contributes to efforts to mitigate the impact of drought in the project area. The project is implemented in priority one district of East Harerghe zone in Fadis, Chinaksen and Gursum woredas. At the end of the project period more than twenty thousand people will benefited from the project outcome.

Major Project Components

Water Sanitation and Hygiene. This basically focused on creating access to potable water for more than twenty thousand people.  Rehabilitation of 15 hand dug wells, 15 shallow wells, construction and installation of 30 roof water harvesting structures and construction 9 community ponds are some of the planned activities.

Livelihood Strengthening and Diversification

 Because of the drought most of the people livelihood especially women headed livelihood is severely degraded, for this reason the project have planned to implement the following key activities and strengthening the livelihood of 4,772 drought affected families.


  • Provide material and financial support to the district health offices.  Some of the activities are:-
  • Strengthen health centers in Acute Watery Diarrhea (AWD), preparedness (Purchase of antibiotics, ORS, IV fluid. Tents) 
  • Facilitate Awareness raising campaign on AWD prevention and preparedness  
  • Purchase and distribution of basic medial equipment’s and selective drugs to health post and centers for community services 
  • Provide Material support for malaria prevention  

Child Development

  • Establish and strengthen community based child development structures in the districts  
  • Conduct community awareness rising & sensitization on Child development
  • Purchase and distribution of scholastic materials for 3000 students

Somali Region

An emergency water trucking project implemented in Shabelle zone Gode and Kelafo woredas in 13 kebeles. A total of 13,323 people are benefiting from the project. It is a four month project which started on December and ends on April, 2017. Euro 154,678 is allocated for this project from SOS Austria.

The target project areas (in Ormiya and Somali regions) are severely affected by the recurrent drought where most people livelihood and its coping capacity is extremely degraded, what we do so far is an emergency response and early recovery project, this merely solve the immediate problem of the affected community. For this reason, in the middle of the project period SOS CVE program Harar will be developing a long term Family and Community Development program, so that the affected community will be able to recover from the impact of the drought.