Alternative Child Care Program

The Alternative Child Care (ACC) Program is a home for children and youth who have lost all forms of parental care through abandonment, abuse, neglect, etc.  A family based approach is used to care for the children with each child having an SOS mother and siblings. Children may be reunified with biological relatives or to a kinship, foster care at any stage when that is proved to be at the best interest of the child.

In SOS Children's Villages, each family creates its own home. The house is the family's home, with its own unique feeling, rhythm and routine. Under its roof, children enjoy a real sense of security and belongingness. Children grow and learn together, sharing responsibilities and all the joys and sorrows of daily life. Hence, the family approach in the SOS Children's Village is based on four principles: Each child needs a mother, and grows up most naturally with brothers and sisters, in their own house, within a supportive village environment.

From the family houses children “graduate” to the youth facility approximately at the age of 16 when they go to the guided youth facility managing their own cooking and sleeping arrangements under the guidance of youth leaders.

It is during their stay at the youth facilities that the youth acquire the much needed life skills for the life beyond the care of SOS CVE.  This includes character and confidence building, life skills, income generating projects, sporting activities among others where the children can discover themselves and get to know thief capabilities and limitations. The general time frame for departure from the village is 23 (by then it is expected that the youth have acquired the necessary life skills to live independently).

Each child has a say and his/her voice is heard and taken seriously. In relation to this, children are grown in a way that they can participate in making decisions that affect their lives and are guided to take a leading role in their own development.

All children within ACC are referred to SOS CVE through Children, Women’s and Youth Affairs   offices.